The Burress family purchased the house in 1959 and installed the one bathroom in it at that time (now the powder room off the kitchen). The Burress family owned the house and raised seven children here until 1987, when it was sold to Jane Kayser and her husband, who converted it to a gift and crafts store called The Domicile.

The cottage out back was a granary building and was moved to the property in 2000.  It had been across the highway on the Koessel farm before Birchwood Lodge was built on that property. It had a bare bulb for lighting and a ladder to access the second floor before Mr. Kayser began its conversion to retail.  They also added the porch and the bathroom at that time.

The Salinsky family purchased the property in 2016, and after extensive renovations to bring it back as a residence, is proud to offer it to you for your enjoyment. We call the house a "100-year old smart home," because it's fully equipped with WiFi, Cable TV, Air conditioning, a Nest thermostat, even a wireless printer and Amazon Alexa!


The house is licensed by the state of Wisconsin as a Bed-and-Breakfast, but we're required to inform you that we actually don't offer breakfast. Instead, you are free to use the fully-equipped kitchen to prepare your own meals.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay!

 - Lori, Jim, Judy and Jerry Salinsky

About Us

The house was constructed in 1900 as a single-family residence for the Smith family, who lived in it for most of the first half of the twentieth century. The Smiths farmed and had an orchard on most of the land at the top of the hill, including what is now Scandia Village. Minnie Smith took in laundry from the first wealthy tourists in Door County. In fact, there’s a cistern under what is now the master bathroom, where water was collected for her laundry business.